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Pediatric Endoscopy

Pediatric endoscopy is a skilled procedure done by a pediatric endoscopist requiring great deal of dexterity and care. Indications for doing endoscopy whether OGD (upper GI endoscopy ) or colonoscopy (lower GI endoscopy) are often different from adult population

Dr Harsh Deep Sahni MD PDCC has been providing pediatric pediatric diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services in the region for 13 years. He is a skilled endoscopist who received training from SGPGI lucknow and has done hundreds of pediatric endoscopy procedures providing relief to many children suffering from intractable GI bleed, celiac disease, foreign body ingestion and bleeding from rectal polyps etc. Dr Sahni Gastro Clinic is equipped with pediatric and nenoatal sized endoscopes to meet the needs of all pediatric population diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures

Prior to Your Child's EGD Checklist

Prior to your child's day in Endoscopy, please discuss with your child's doctor the following:

  • Any medical preparation your child may need before their procedure.
  • The scheduled procedure time and date, as well as, the time you'll need to arrive at the hospital on the day of the procedure.
  • When to have your child stop eating and drinking - including water, gum and mints.
  • What care your child will need at home after their procedure

Following the EGD

  • Discharge instructions will be provided by the Endoscopy department following procedure.
  • If your child develops a fever, chest pain, abdominal pain or any other symptoms call your doctor immediately or go to Emergency room.
  • No driving is allowed the day of procedure following the test.
  • No soda or apple juice following the test; other diet restrictions will be determined by the doctor.