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Management of Liver Failure

Common causes of liver failure are alcohol, acute viral hepatitis , chronic hepatitis B and C , and non alcholic fatty liver disease in adults and congenital abnormalities and metabolic disorders in additon in children.

Bareilly PGI offers comprehensive managment of acute and chronic liver failure in both adults and children using internationally adopted protocols and guidelines. It includes management of ascites ( fluid in abdomen) , hematemesis ( blood in vomitus) , altered behaviour (hepatic encephalopathy) and other complicatons of liver failure. It also provides optimum management to prevent further liver damage and promote liver regeneration.

Pediatric & Gastro Institute offers experienced liver specialists to accurately diagnose and offer advanced treatments for all types of liver diseases, from common to rare and complex cases. We have specialists in one setting to help create an individualized treatment plan which is best for our patients.

The liver is the body’s most complex organ, performing many essential tasks related to the conversion of food to energy (metabolism). Through a specialized filtering system, the liver performs the important task of removing toxins and impurities (such as alcohol, drugs and preservatives) from the blood. The liver is also an important site for converting food to energy and storing it as glycogen.

When liver disease develops, the liver’s ability to perform its metabolic, detoxification and storage functions is impaired. When these essential processes are not working as they should, the entire body is affected.

Pediatric & Gastro Institute hepatologists are well-versed in new innovative and comprehensive therapies for any stage of liver disease.